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Why Outsource?

There are millions of reasons to NOT outsource, but only ONE reason you should. We Are Precisely What You Need!

Our small boutique group has an exceptional team of Revenue Cycle Management professionals that takes their role seriously. While being hands-on, allowing for more of a transparent approach, it will feel like we are right there in the office with you.

Reducing your practice's overhead, will not take away from the quality of service we provide. If anything, we will take the guess work out your billing. Allowing you to focus on the care of your patients.

Revenue Cycle Management-2.jpeg

Our Mission

The mission of Precise Medical Consultant Group is to increase our provider's revenue. We also hope to increase our relationship.

Relationship Revenue_Transparency.png

Our Services

We don't just provide services. We provide SOLUTIONS. Providing a wide-range of Practice & Revenue Cycle Management Solutions. One to fit your every need.We have only one objective: Do it right the first time.

  • Practice Management Solutions

  • Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

  • Coding Solutions

  • Denial Management Solutions

  • Aged Account Receivable Solutions

  • Inquire about our packages and a la carte service*

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